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about us.

Omni Engineer was developed out of the need that Engineering Firms have to facilitate relationships with existing and new clients to gain additional client work.  We do this primarily through our Business Growth System.  


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Strategic Business Growth Plan

A business growth plan the meets at the intersection of your firm's values and the needs of the marketplace.

Stress Free Marketing

We do the what we do best so that you do what you do best. We help you to get the largest marketing return on your time and money.

Trackable Metrics

We use trackable metrics so you can see the impact on your business and help you to focus on what is most important to help you grow.

Growing Client List

We make sure your website, Google My Business listings, SEO and lead nurturing are on point and designed to grow your firm.


Omni Business Growth System

We help you to be as good at marketing your firm as you are at engineering.

Business Growth System

We help you to grow your Firm with the Business Growth System for Engineers.


Google My Business

The most effective way to get new business for your firm in 2020 is to rank high on the Google Maps.  It’s become more important than Social Media and search combined those these can still be effective tools to grow your business.


Reason to Connect

We help strategize a reason for you to connect with former clients and potential new clients with a way that you can serve them leading you to be top of mind and receive more work.


Targeted Marketing and Relevant KPI's

We work with you to figure out the most important KPI’s to grow your engineering firm and help you meet those numbers.



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

“Buddy is an amazing facilitator which is why I bring him to help me with my own team each and every year. He has moved from advisor to friend and I actually consider him an extension of my own team. This year, in addition to the team building, strategic planning, and Birkman consultations, I asked him to emcee an event and give the opening address on the final day.  He always delivers.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Mark Plummer

BAM Training Director

“Buddy is unrelenting in pushing you to be the best version of yourself. Through Buddy, I learned the best way to serve the people I encounter is to know myself well, accept those giftings, and live them out to the fullest, and by this, those surrounding me will be blessed. If it wasn’t for this lesson I’m not sure my business Liv Thai would exist today. Buddy cares deeply about helping others hone in and be what is right for them and he has the systems and tools to get you there. I have a feeling working with Buddy will help more than just your business!”

Liv Steffan

Founder, Liv Thai

“We initially brought Buddy in to do a half-day coaching training session with our executive leadership team.  We were so impressed, we brought him back for a 1-day annual planning meeting.  He was able to draw out of us in five hours what we had not been able to do ourselves in six years.  Our team was reignited by the new strategy to reach our vision and implemented those changes over the last year.  You won’t go wrong bringing Buddy in for your annual and quarterly strategy meetings.  

Eric Ford

Cru International


Why Select Us?

We focus only on helping to grow engineering firms so we know what is working in your field in other areas of the country and the world

We are focused on growing your business.

Metric Based Management

We help determine what metrics need to be measure and then work to grow those levers in your business.

Up and to the right

We get you quickly moving in the right direction.


Allow us to help you benefit from our experience in systems, marketing and lead management.

Deadline Adherence

We make sure to get our work finished on time, every time.  

Stress Free

We work hard to make sure that your experience with us is a stress free one.  We know our business grows best when you are happy and recommend us to others.

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Buddy has been helping business around the world since 2016 with marketing training and consulting.  In the spring of 2020 when he could no longer travel and do small group training and consulting he decided to focus on helping engineering firms grow through the channels that are the most important in 2020.

Get the latest updates to find out what is working in 2020 to grow Engineering Firms


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Find our more about growing your firm

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We offer regular marketing consultation for our Business Growth System clients.

Long Term

Our desire is to facilitate the long term growth of your firm

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